пятница, 2 октября 2015 г.

Фестиваль "Круг света 2015". The Circle of Light Moscow International Festival

Hi there! We just now returned from a smal trip to Moscow. And we was happy to watch some of objects on The Circle of Light Moscow International Festival, that runs from 27 Semptember to 4 October. The Circle of Light Moscow International Festival is an annual event at which light designers and 2D and 3D graphic designers utilize the urban space of Moscow as canvas for multimedia and light installations. The organizer of the Festival is the Department of Mass Media and Advertising of the City of Moscow. For the Circle of Light Festival Russian and international designers and artists produce light and multimedia shows, creating projection mapping on the facades of the most notable buildings, cultural monuments and other facilities in Moscow as well as integrate their creative ideas into the architecture of the city. Entrance to any Festival venue is free.

воскресенье, 27 сентября 2015 г.

All inclusive по-русски. Отель Довиль 5 звезд, Анапа. Отзыв

There was the fifth month of summer... Really, this year weather breaks temperature records not only in the European part of Russia. In the south wasn't +30 at the end of September very long ago. And we without hesitation decided to spend days off (to be exact 3 nights) with advantage and pleasure near the sea, and at the same time to check what is "all inclusive" at Russia. The matter is that in Anapa there are 2 hotels which work by system "all inclusive". One of them - 5 stars Deauville hotel. Frankly speaking, I was skeptical about the idea of existence of such system in our old kind Anapa. But nevertheless it was very interesting...

суббота, 19 сентября 2015 г.


Rose is the queen of flowers! Who can argue with it? The natural beauty and useful properties of this flower wonderfully can be transformed to a youth elixir for our skin. The example of that is a novelty from Weleda - the Smoothing concentrate with wildrose. Actually, I earlier read good reviews and wanted to try a few other product - pearls with rose oil from Weleda. But this year the company updated a product format, having replaced a gelatinous cover with glass ampoules and having increased a dosage of oil of wild rose to 7 ml. Such "portion" of a product, in their opinion, is optimum for an intensive week course. About this updated product  will go the speech in my review.

воскресенье, 6 сентября 2015 г.

Weleda. Отзыв на продукты с лавандой: Lavender Creamy Body Wash & Relaxing Body Oil

 Lavender... Oh, how I wanted to make a photoshoot in fields of lavender at Crimean peninsula this year! I even found a wonderful field under the village of Turgenevka (near Bakhchisarai), but  there was a mowing already - there was a middle of July, the tractor worked in the field.... Though it was worth seeing - the violet sea of flowers... And I also dream  to look once the garden of herbs of the Weleda company. On 20 hectares there are more than 200 species of plants which get to cosmetic bottles and tubas literally from a field. I willingly trust in it, after all with aroma of this lavander series by Weleda I was returned at that July field in the Crimea for a moment...

вторник, 1 сентября 2015 г.

White perforated. Привет, осень!

Hi, Autumn! I can't believe that that's all... Though, in our places there still very warmly and is ahead 3 weeks of Indian summer. But, nevertheless, it is necessary to greet new hostess of the planet, put on my shoulders at least a denim jacket.

четверг, 27 августа 2015 г.

GUAM Microcellulaire Crema Notte. Микроклеточный ночной крем для лица

Of course you heard something about Italian cosmetics based on sea components Guam. I recently recieved for testing 2 products by Guam from the Microcellulaire series: Crema Notte - Microcellular night face cream and Gel against dark circles under eyes. 

вторник, 25 августа 2015 г.

Коробочка ELLEBOX июнь + "Блогерское золото". 2015 год

Hi! I received a new box from the Russian beautybox service - Ellebox. It have  very interesting content (see below). I love beauty boxes! And you?

среда, 19 августа 2015 г.

My candy bag. Конфетный беспредел...

This bag is the ode to female logic. The matter is that it awfully inconvenient, it is made of rubber and weighs more, than its contents. The most part of year it stand at my home as a bright spot in an interior))), absolutely not a practical subject. But! it such cool... So girls if you are a real fashionista, Candy Bag by Furla you have to have!

воскресенье, 16 августа 2015 г.

Ресторанная акция Групон. Ресторан Thai. Отзыв

Hi! Today I tell you about visit to the restaurant of Thai cuisine in Krasnodar, and also about experience of use the discount coupon for a dinner from Groupon.