пятница, 26 июня 2015 г.

EGIA Oil–Free Matifying Moisturizer. Увлажняющая эмульсия. Отзыв

They say that we all come from the sea. Maybe for this reason useful properties of deep-water plants are best of all for our skin? Seaweed since ancient times is used in cosmetology. And, unlike many unnatural ingredients, active agents of seaweed are acquired by the human skin practically for 100%, and the cosmetics created on their basis usually has no contraindications. I very much love cosmetics on the basis of seaweed. And today I have in the blog the post about the moistening emulsion from EGIA with extract of a laminaria saccharina.

вторник, 23 июня 2015 г.

Blue summer. Или ода голубой сумке...

Scuba blue + classic blue in streetstyle 2015

I checked out my summer clothes...  And I found a domination of blue color. And my new bag from Furla is probably guilty of everything. Actually, I noticed for myself that in this season I bought things which have somehow something in common with this beautyful bag. So, wait for a stream of blue in the blog))) Do you love scuba-blue color?

четверг, 18 июня 2015 г.

Ресторан "Чайка" BOSCO Cafe. Сочи. Отзыв

Hi! The summer began and we already have visited Sochi and spent the week-end in Krasnodar. Both there, and there, we have walked to the cafes. Therefore soon I will write some posts about the places visited by us. Maybe this information will be useful to you at travel across Russia. In Sochi we showed off at cafes higher than an average: visited "Chayka (Seagull)" - the center restaurant of seaport. And then have visited the Baikal restaurant nowadays well-known because in May Putin and his team watched the well-known match on hockey here in the Olympic Park. Today I write a review about "Chayka" - BOSCO Cafe at Sochi.

суббота, 13 июня 2015 г.

EGIA Soft Cleansing Foam. Нежный очищающий мусс. Отзыв

EGIA Soft Cleansing Foam.

Today I want to tell you about pleasant acquaintance with products of the Italian kosmetic company EGIA. I very much love the cosmetics based on natural components. After all in our mad rhythm of life, in the middle of stresses and adverse effects of environment, there is a wish to be closer to the nature. Natural components are a part of all products of the EGIA line. These are extracts of curative plants, natural oils, fruit acids, sea extracts.

понедельник, 1 июня 2015 г.

Say It With Stripes. Trend SS 2015. Полосатый дресс

Одежда в полоску лето 2015

Hi! How your morning began? What weather today? I hope that solar and windless. It is the first day of summer! And I have today the Olympic Sochi behinde my windows . Yes, yes, we again in the Sochi park, in the hotel Bogatyr. We decided to meet summer here. Therefore, wait for new stories about Sochi (last time we have been there in September). As you understand, I won't write to many words today - my mood is too relaxed. Especially I already wrote earlier about my love to strips. Well, and that in this season striped clothes in a trend you know. The first day of Summer, wow!