среда, 30 марта 2016 г.

Cosmopolitan newbeautybox февраль 2016. Luxe & mass.

Do you remember, I told you earlier about the NewBeautyBox service which in Russia make beauty boxes together with the fashionable magazine Cosmopolitan? Today I'll show you the contains of 3 last boxes from this servise. 

суббота, 26 марта 2016 г.

Stone therapy. Роман с камнем...

Among all unknown for me Spa procedures, a stone-therapy always was the most tempting. Specifically I was interested in what you feel when you had massage with such "cobble-stones" and as far as they are hot. And why procedure costs twice more than usual massage?

воскресенье, 20 марта 2016 г.

Caudalie Vinexpert Anti-ageing Supplements & Draining Organic Herbal Tea. Витаминизируемся!

Honestly, it is very difficult to write a review on vitamins and beauty supplements. But I will try to estimate and explain objectively why every year at the end of February beginning of March I traditionally bought vitamins on Lookfantastic. This year my choice has again fallen on Caudalie and I has also taken a complex from Inner Me Daily 4 Me - The Hectic Years. Before I tried a complex from Advanced Nutrition Programme (now this brand isn't on the website) and Murad Pomphenol Sunguard Anti-Ageing Supplemen.

пятница, 11 марта 2016 г.