четверг, 31 декабря 2015 г.

5ть новогодних традиций и результаты Giveaway

I wish you a magic winter evening! Thank you for visiting my blog today! I want to wish you a Happy New Year, then to tell about my New Year's traditions and to declare results of Giveaway! 

вторник, 29 декабря 2015 г.

L'Box октябрь и сентябрь

Recently I received 2 boxes from the Russian beautybox service - Ellebox. They have  very interesting contents (see below). I love beauty boxes! And you?

пятница, 25 декабря 2015 г.

Dried Herb и пальто без рукавов... Be in trend!

We continue conversation about fashionable colors and styles of FW 2015-2016... And again I have the budgetary option - a coat vest from Mango. One more new thing in this outfit is a limited clutch by Karen Millen. Other things live in my wardrobe  long ago. I very much love color khaki (in this season it was called "a faded grass"), in my clothes there are a lot of things of this shade. And it is very convenient - it practically doesn't leave the pedestal in winter collections. And in this season fashion designers really guessed with a coat style - without sleeves. Extraordinary warm weather allows to wear it not only  in the south countries... And do you like such shade in clothes?

четверг, 17 декабря 2015 г.

NewBeautyBox Cosmopolitan. Ноябрь и октябрь 2015

Do you remember, I told you earlier about the NewBeautyBox service which in Russia make beauty boxes together with the fashionable magazine Cosmopolitan? Then I showed 2 boxes of the class Luxe. And now in the blog the review on 2 last boxes of class Life Style.

суббота, 12 декабря 2015 г.

Bouclé coat by Mango. Истина в вине...

Marsala coat by Mango

Almost every year at fall and winter collections there is a wine color. But every time for it is thought out the new name, new subtone. And, voila, trend. And now in fashion the wine from Sicily, "Marsala" it is called.  Run faster in shop, girls. But, it isn't obligatory to spend large sums for new trendy things if you wish it. For example, this year I bought this coat by Mango on sale. And in general, I hold the opinion that it is better to buy expensive outerwear classical styles and neutral colors. And if you wish something fashionable, for the one season, at your service the fast-fashion brands. Why not? But, in clothes of the modern lady has to be both. And how do you think?

пятница, 11 декабря 2015 г.

Палетка теней и набор кистей от Magruss. Отзыв

This palette is a nostalgia on Indian summer. When you look at these shades the beauty of the autumn wood is remembered at once. Honestly, I understand that at many places already the blizzard cover up paths, but at our place in the south, these leaves gathered a week ago... Today on blog this beautiful palette by brand Magruss.

воскресенье, 6 декабря 2015 г.

Must-have: Jimmy Choo. Обувь-мечта...

I didn't update the heading Shopping for a long time... And in general, I am the bad bad blogger because brought a trophy from my trip to Moscow in October, but still didn't show purchase. But, maybe now is a high time to tell about footwear by Jimmy Choo as now such shoes can be found in many online stores on sale. And I bought it for an overall cost that absolutely to me isn't similar. But now, during sales, there is an occasion to buy one more (and demulcent  for my husband)))...

четверг, 3 декабря 2015 г.

Clariskin от Almea. Чистота и красота. Отзыв

You know, exist such tests for a subject "What century you should live?". Frankly speaking, without tests I can tell that I prefer to live in the present century as progress gives us all new and new magic devices and preparations helping not to turn from the princess into pumpkin at your 30 years.. And, we have penicillin))) So, keep to the point. I have in the blog a useful gadget from the remarkable Almea brand - the Device for clarification, cleaning of skin and a facial massage -  Clariskin.

воскресенье, 29 ноября 2015 г.

Birthday Giveaway (Burberry Sheer). Только раз в году...

Hi!  On November 26th I celebrated the Birthday. And today let me announce new Giveaway on blog. This is an international competition, but prise can be sent outside Russia only at your expense.

среда, 25 ноября 2015 г.

Guam Microcellulaire Micro Complexe. Гель против отеков. Отзыв

And now one more product by the Italian cosmetic company GUAM from the Microcellulaire series. Earlier I wrote a review about Crema Notte - Microcellular night. Guam Microcellulaire Micro Complexe is the product for eyelids, intended to eliminate puffiness and dark circles under eyes, and also for prevention of natural aging of skin.

четверг, 19 ноября 2015 г.

EGOMANIA DAZZLING SHINE. Шампунь и кондиционер с витамином С. Отзыв

Today in the blog there is a review on hair series (shampoo and the conditioner DAZZLING SHINE) by the cosmetic brand EGOMANIA. I for the first time get acquainted with production from this producer. About impressions read in a post.

вторник, 10 ноября 2015 г.

In boho style. В фокусе: сумочка с бахромой

Oh, please, don't say that you still have no fringed handbag))) After all this thing holds the fashionable positions the second season in a row. I, for example, gave up long ago and bought a handbag with a fringe from Rebecca Mincoff. By the way, it is possible to wear such a handbag not only with  Boho stylization, as on my look. I wear it daily and it successfully fits to the majority of outfits. 

воскресенье, 8 ноября 2015 г.

SteamCream. С легким паром!

Hi! Have you already heard about one of loved cream in Great Britain, the winner of the prestigious British award Cosmetic Executive Women 2010 - STEAMCREAM? For me the authority of STEAMCREAM adds that the brand has pages in such authoritative British shops as Lookfantastic and Feelunique. STEAMCREAM’s unique STEAM process that makes  cream much more effective on the skin. The force of the STEAM fuses the ingredients instantly - holding them together in a very gentle and loose emulsion. When it touches your skin, the naturally moisturising ingredients and pure, calming essential oils are released from the light emulsion so they can sink past the surface reaching the areas they are needed fast. Your skin will feel intensively moisturised and softer for longer.

четверг, 5 ноября 2015 г.

Cosmopolitan Newbeautybox.ru. Коробочка красоты сентябрь и август 2015.

Today on the blog a novelty from NewBeautyBox - Cosmopolitan beautybox. Every month the Cosmopolitan magazine creates 2 boxes with cosmetics of Luxe and Lifestyle class for russian cuties.

пятница, 30 октября 2015 г.

Beret.Тренд FW 2015-2016

I love trends, bright, bright trends! No, of course, it isn't necessary to forget about importance of basic clothes. And here, when you brought it, it is time to experiment. For example, having added an ultrafashionable novelty to neutral classical things. Whether it be footwear, bag or headdress. And, in a case with a headdress it also is favorable as it is possible to create a fashionable image without special expenses. And today I have such novelty - fashionable French beret of bright color. And you already once saw on me other clothes from this look, you can check in the section Looks ;) 

среда, 28 октября 2015 г.

Новая белковая диета ОКСИ. Know how...

Probably all of us once, somewhere heard about Dyukan's diet. It became instantly known and popular, thanks to the efficiency. But shortly it became clear that it has a lot of side effects (a problem with kidneys, a liver, headaches). Then group of  nutritionists led by Patritsey Mazurovoy seted for themselves the task to create a proteinaceous diet not only without side effects, but also well influencing all organism. And here was created OKSI diet. It clears an organism, increases immunity and is more balanced.

четверг, 22 октября 2015 г.

Альпика. Цветочная серия: сыворотка и крем-вуаль. Review

A flower series of the Russian brand Alpika is developed as an Antistress series. Its task is to neutralize aggressive impact of environment on our skin. It is especially good to apply it during the autumn and winter period.

вторник, 6 октября 2015 г.

Термотушь от MagRuss. Отзыв

You know I have tested ricently very interesting mascara with unusual concept - thermo mascara by the international concern MagRuss. Frankly speaking, earlier I didn't have a product for eyelashes with such unusual idea and a formula, it was very interesting to try...

пятница, 2 октября 2015 г.

Фестиваль "Круг света 2015". The Circle of Light Moscow International Festival

Hi there! We just now returned from a smal trip to Moscow. And we was happy to watch some of objects on The Circle of Light Moscow International Festival, that runs from 27 Semptember to 4 October. The Circle of Light Moscow International Festival is an annual event at which light designers and 2D and 3D graphic designers utilize the urban space of Moscow as canvas for multimedia and light installations. The organizer of the Festival is the Department of Mass Media and Advertising of the City of Moscow. For the Circle of Light Festival Russian and international designers and artists produce light and multimedia shows, creating projection mapping on the facades of the most notable buildings, cultural monuments and other facilities in Moscow as well as integrate their creative ideas into the architecture of the city. Entrance to any Festival venue is free.

воскресенье, 27 сентября 2015 г.

All inclusive по-русски. Отель Довиль 5 звезд, Анапа. Отзыв

There was the fifth month of summer... Really, this year weather breaks temperature records not only in the European part of Russia. In the south wasn't +30 at the end of September very long ago. And we without hesitation decided to spend days off (to be exact 3 nights) with advantage and pleasure near the sea, and at the same time to check what is "all inclusive" at Russia. The matter is that in Anapa there are 2 hotels which work by system "all inclusive". One of them - 5 stars Deauville hotel. Frankly speaking, I was skeptical about the idea of existence of such system in our old kind Anapa. But nevertheless it was very interesting...

суббота, 19 сентября 2015 г.


Rose is the queen of flowers! Who can argue with it? The natural beauty and useful properties of this flower wonderfully can be transformed to a youth elixir for our skin. The example of that is a novelty from Weleda - the Smoothing concentrate with wildrose. Actually, I earlier read good reviews and wanted to try a few other product - pearls with rose oil from Weleda. But this year the company updated a product format, having replaced a gelatinous cover with glass ampoules and having increased a dosage of oil of wild rose to 7 ml. Such "portion" of a product, in their opinion, is optimum for an intensive week course. About this updated product  will go the speech in my review.

воскресенье, 6 сентября 2015 г.

Weleda. Отзыв на продукты с лавандой: Lavender Creamy Body Wash & Relaxing Body Oil

 Lavender... Oh, how I wanted to make a photoshoot in fields of lavender at Crimean peninsula this year! I even found a wonderful field under the village of Turgenevka (near Bakhchisarai), but  there was a mowing already - there was a middle of July, the tractor worked in the field.... Though it was worth seeing - the violet sea of flowers... And I also dream  to look once the garden of herbs of the Weleda company. On 20 hectares there are more than 200 species of plants which get to cosmetic bottles and tubas literally from a field. I willingly trust in it, after all with aroma of this lavander series by Weleda I was returned at that July field in the Crimea for a moment...

вторник, 1 сентября 2015 г.

White perforated. Привет, осень!

Hi, Autumn! I can't believe that that's all... Though, in our places there still very warmly and is ahead 3 weeks of Indian summer. But, nevertheless, it is necessary to greet new hostess of the planet, put on my shoulders at least a denim jacket.

четверг, 27 августа 2015 г.

GUAM Microcellulaire Crema Notte. Микроклеточный ночной крем для лица

Of course you heard something about Italian cosmetics based on sea components Guam. I recently recieved for testing 2 products by Guam from the Microcellulaire series: Crema Notte - Microcellular night face cream and Gel against dark circles under eyes. 

вторник, 25 августа 2015 г.

Коробочка ELLEBOX июнь + "Блогерское золото". 2015 год

Hi! I received a new box from the Russian beautybox service - Ellebox. It have  very interesting content (see below). I love beauty boxes! And you?

среда, 19 августа 2015 г.

My candy bag. Конфетный беспредел...

This bag is the ode to female logic. The matter is that it awfully inconvenient, it is made of rubber and weighs more, than its contents. The most part of year it stand at my home as a bright spot in an interior))), absolutely not a practical subject. But! it such cool... So girls if you are a real fashionista, Candy Bag by Furla you have to have!

воскресенье, 16 августа 2015 г.

Ресторанная акция Групон. Ресторан Thai. Отзыв

Hi! Today I tell you about visit to the restaurant of Thai cuisine in Krasnodar, and also about experience of use the discount coupon for a dinner from Groupon. 

понедельник, 10 августа 2015 г.

Платье Zarina. Мода со смыслом

Платье Мода со смыслом

Hi! You remember, I wrote about the collection from Zarina and the charitable project "Fashion with meaning"? At last hands reached to make a photoshoot with this wonderful dress from Natalya Vodianova. By the way, now they are on mad sale.

суббота, 8 августа 2015 г.

Summer & Victoria's Secret. Одежда для солнечных деньков

Oh this problem of a choice! It torments mankind ( especially female half) during the many centuries. But concerning a brand of beachwear I, the glory to heavens, solved it long ago. All my swimming suits (5 pieces), and also beach tunics and bags only by Victoria's Secret. You remember, I showed you one, last year? On this post, at the end, I made a selection of my favourites from Victoria's Secret 2015 (they are on sale mostly).

четверг, 30 июля 2015 г.

Clarins Oil-Free Lotion Spray Moderate Protection UVB/UVA 15 + After sun moisturizer self tanning. Отзыв

Hi there! I returned from my vocation recently and brought to you a review on sun-protection products by Clarins. This year I wanted to buy my favorite product by St Tropez sun care with 30 SPF and easy effect of self tanning. I ordered it on Lookfantastic earlier, but now it isn't present anywhere. I didn't find similar means at other producers therefore decided to take the sun-protection fat-free Spray solaire lotion non grasse spray and balm after suntan with effect of artificial suntan of After sun moisturizer self tanning from Clarins. I hoped that these 2 means will give the same effect.

воскресенье, 26 июля 2015 г.

My favourite shots from Crimea travel 2015

Hi! Today I have less word, and a lot of photo in the blog. I share with you the favourite shots made by me during travel across the Crimea. The peninsula is beautiful as always, despite everything. People are friendly, air is pure, the sea is the most blue (sometimes turquoise, sometimes azure). Look! If any details are interesting -  I will answer in comments with pleasure ;)

четверг, 23 июля 2015 г.

Fruit Balancing mask от EGIA. Отзыв

I continue the story about means from the Italian kosmetic brand EGIA. Today in the blog there is review on the balancing face mask with extracts of Fruit - Balancing mask fruit by EGIA. It seems to me that it was developed specially for hot summer days. Why?

воскресенье, 19 июля 2015 г.

Newbeautybox июнь. Отзыв

Hi! I at last returned from travel across the Crimea and reached a good Internet. And now I'm ready to tell you about the next box of beauty from the www.newbeautybox.ru service.

среда, 8 июля 2015 г.

Sochi Bar and Restaurant Байкал

Hi, there! As well as I promised I continue my story about the Sochi cafes. Recently with horror I read and I watched weather reports and instagram posts about the flood which turned this paradise town into one big pool. But now, it seems, the situation was normalized, temporary difficulties don't frighten our tourists. Therefore I will write the review of restaurant Baikal to Sochi, is sure, it is useful to somebody.

среда, 1 июля 2015 г.

Black denim. Ромашки и коровки

Guess denim

Hi! Camomiles, cows... Pastoral motives? On the contrary, this look is absolutely not rural. A black denim, the bustier on slim-overalls... The girl in Guess style - sexily, but without vulgarity. I love the brand for this. And after purchase in the spring of a camomile jacket, I began to love even more. The ideal partner for summer outfits. And have you a favourite denim jacket ?

пятница, 26 июня 2015 г.

EGIA Oil–Free Matifying Moisturizer. Увлажняющая эмульсия. Отзыв

They say that we all come from the sea. Maybe for this reason useful properties of deep-water plants are best of all for our skin? Seaweed since ancient times is used in cosmetology. And, unlike many unnatural ingredients, active agents of seaweed are acquired by the human skin practically for 100%, and the cosmetics created on their basis usually has no contraindications. I very much love cosmetics on the basis of seaweed. And today I have in the blog the post about the moistening emulsion from EGIA with extract of a laminaria saccharina.

вторник, 23 июня 2015 г.

Blue summer. Или ода голубой сумке...

Scuba blue + classic blue in streetstyle 2015

I checked out my summer clothes...  And I found a domination of blue color. And my new bag from Furla is probably guilty of everything. Actually, I noticed for myself that in this season I bought things which have somehow something in common with this beautyful bag. So, wait for a stream of blue in the blog))) Do you love scuba-blue color?

четверг, 18 июня 2015 г.

Ресторан "Чайка" BOSCO Cafe. Сочи. Отзыв

Hi! The summer began and we already have visited Sochi and spent the week-end in Krasnodar. Both there, and there, we have walked to the cafes. Therefore soon I will write some posts about the places visited by us. Maybe this information will be useful to you at travel across Russia. In Sochi we showed off at cafes higher than an average: visited "Chayka (Seagull)" - the center restaurant of seaport. And then have visited the Baikal restaurant nowadays well-known because in May Putin and his team watched the well-known match on hockey here in the Olympic Park. Today I write a review about "Chayka" - BOSCO Cafe at Sochi.

суббота, 13 июня 2015 г.

EGIA Soft Cleansing Foam. Нежный очищающий мусс. Отзыв

EGIA Soft Cleansing Foam.

Today I want to tell you about pleasant acquaintance with products of the Italian kosmetic company EGIA. I very much love the cosmetics based on natural components. After all in our mad rhythm of life, in the middle of stresses and adverse effects of environment, there is a wish to be closer to the nature. Natural components are a part of all products of the EGIA line. These are extracts of curative plants, natural oils, fruit acids, sea extracts.

понедельник, 1 июня 2015 г.

Say It With Stripes. Trend SS 2015. Полосатый дресс

Одежда в полоску лето 2015

Hi! How your morning began? What weather today? I hope that solar and windless. It is the first day of summer! And I have today the Olympic Sochi behinde my windows . Yes, yes, we again in the Sochi park, in the hotel Bogatyr. We decided to meet summer here. Therefore, wait for new stories about Sochi (last time we have been there in September). As you understand, I won't write to many words today - my mood is too relaxed. Especially I already wrote earlier about my love to strips. Well, and that in this season striped clothes in a trend you know. The first day of Summer, wow!

четверг, 28 мая 2015 г.

Ellebox Milena Chizhova коробочка апрель 2015

Ellebox Milena Chizhova коробочка апрель 2015

Hi! Today I'll show you a beautybox by Ellebox wich was created in collaboration  with the video beauty-blogger Milena Chizhova. A nice box. I found here 2 products which will be very useful in the summer, but I wouldn't go for them to a shop because in my daily make-up I  use it rarely. But it is well that they got in this box. It is the mascara of blue color and  matting napkins. Well, about the other products read under the cut...

понедельник, 18 мая 2015 г.

Burberry S/S15 Runway Palette "Rain or Shine". Review, Photos, Swatches. Обзор

Burberry S/S15 Runway Palette "Rain or Shine"

Oh, yes, I got it! I snatched the limited pallet by Burberry. I fell in love with it at first sight, when I saw the first announcements of the THE BIRDS AND THE BEES collection in the Internet. But I didn't think that to get Runway Palette "Rain or Shine", not only in Russia,but IN GENERAL, it will be very difficult. On Saksfifthavenue (where I bought it), there was even the preorder on it. Now at all there isn't present this pallet, there is only on the official site Burberry.us 

понедельник, 4 мая 2015 г.

Rouge Louboutin Nail Colour. Обзор

Rouge Louboutin Nail Colour

Meow! Louboutin )))

Since August, I was licking on this luxury flakon for 50 dollars. And I didn't resist... Well and how not to add to my collection the Rouge Louboutin Nail Colour in classical scarlet execution?! Especially it is not a simply polish, but symbol of the legendary fashionable house of Christian Louboutin...

воскресенье, 26 апреля 2015 г.

Lookfantastic Beauty Box April 2015. Обзор

Lookfantastic Beauty Box April 2015

Oh, miracle! This time the April beauty box from Lookfantastic came to me... in April (in distinguishing from December which "crept" 3 months). As I already wrote in the previous post, it is easy to find the contants of a box  in the Internet, it isn't a secret. Therefore honestly I admit that I ordered this box consciously. And, what was here...

вторник, 21 апреля 2015 г.

Ted Baker floral. Весна!

Furla Metropolis

Flower prints are ideal for spring. There is not such warmly outside as we would like . And we have to wear a black trench. But! Under it is possible to hide the real blossoming bed. Such prints will always lighten mood, you only need to unzipp outerwear. And  I always delighted with flower prints with Ted Baker. I think that a cotton sweater by Ted Baker will become for me traditional spring purchase. And do you love flower prints? ;)

среда, 15 апреля 2015 г.

ELLEBOX март 2015. Обзор

Hi! I received the next box from the Russian beautybox service - Ellebox. I liked its content and in general, I love beauty boxes! And you?

суббота, 11 апреля 2015 г.

ZARINA & Natalia Vodianova - коллекция "Мода со смыслом". А у меня новое платье!

Hi, friends! In April in Russia the fashion brand Zarina presented the new capsular collection "Fashion with meaning". It was made in common with the world famous top model and the founder of Fund of the help to children "Naked hearts" Natalya Vodianova. I'm always very much interested and pleased by such projects when the fashion takes by hand charity and together they go to create kind things. And as I want to be somehow to it involved to this, therefore I bought very lovely dress from this collection and I decided to write this post about it and about the fashionable collection "with heart".

суббота, 4 апреля 2015 г.

Working Out! В здоровом теле... или 10 причин отправиться в спортзал не ради мускулов.

From http://www.marieclaire.com 
Hi! You won't believe, but it is difficult to present more non-sport person, than I...But, even in such idler as I, spring wakes up thirst for sport. Here and now I am going to buy the subscription to the sports hall (most likely on yoga or Pilates). And my determination to give myself to sport))) was well strengthened by article from the American version of the Marie Claire magazine under the name "10 Weird Non-Fitness-Related Benefits of Working Out". And I mean: 1).It fights off most major diseases; 2) It could lead to a higher salary; 3) It can make you better at sex; 4) It helps you sleep like a baby; 5) It cures hangovers; 6) It strengthens your relationship; 7) It wards off wrinkles; 8) It makes you a happier person; 9) It helps you enjoy your job and your personal life; 10) It boosts your brain power. And do you have working out?

четверг, 2 апреля 2015 г.

Robe coat. Пальто цвета сакуры.

Robe coat Ted Baker

Hi, friends! I live at the south and now here the trees blossom everywhere. Unreal beauty! I don't want to lag behind from nature therefore I at last decided to start wear the robe coat by Ted Baker of color of the blossoming Oriental cherry. You won't believe, but I bought it in November. But, despite our southern climate and rather warm winter, I didn't want to wear it during last season. But now it is a high time for it.

среда, 1 апреля 2015 г.

Результаты мартовского конкурса Giveaway

Hi! Well, how passed your the most funny day of a year? Somebody play a trick on you, or may be you play a trick on someone? ;) And we have a summing up the  Giveaway today. And it at all not a joke! ...